Sept  2023

1. Conduct
Please note that the primary focus of coaching sessions is to promote a safe learning environment that is fun, fair spirited, inclusive and structured to ensure outcomes are achieved. Please encourage these values with session participants at all times. Any bullying and overly disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated. Lot’s of encouragement please!

2. Conduct
Disruptive children will be encouraged to participate with appropriate behaviour however consistently non conforming participants will be excluded

3. Conduct
During coaching sessions Be Fit Sports coaches have the responsibility to provide a safe and quality service to participants. In light of this, coaches have full authority to ensure that camps are conducted appropriately

4. Conduct
Participants over 7 years old are not permitted to in opposite sex change rooms under any circumstances

5. Parent Consent
By enrolling in Be Fit Sports programs (whether by enrolment forms and / or email or telephone or any other confirmations of attendances) parents / guardians give full consent for students to participate in that program. Parents / Guardians will agree by this enrolment to not hold Be Fit Sports liable in any way for any injuries / illnesses or other issues from that participation in the enrolled program

6. Emergency Injury Procedure
Be Fit Sports coaching instructors in the case of an emergency injury will contact parents immediately. If the injury is of a serious nature then an ambulance will also be called immediately.

7. Disclaimer
The participant in participating in Be Fit Sports Coaching Clinics does so at his/her own risk. Be Fit Sports, its owners, directors, employees and coaches shall not be liable for any injury or damage whatsoever arising from personal injury or loss of property. In medical emergencies, an ambulance will be called to attend to scene to render their assessed appropriate intervention.

8. Healthy Practices (Be Fit)
Please ensure that healthy snack food options are provided for program participants. A water bottle is also required for all participants to ensure appropriate rehydration occurs after program sessions. Appropriate warm up/stretching practices will also be outlined throughout programs.

9. Sporting Teams Coaching travel Policy
Be Fit Sports coaches at times will be entrusted to travel with teams to sporting venues. While coaches will endeavour to support students with their travel plans and supervision, coaches cannot be always responsible for all transportation plans of students. School policies and organisation will also be relied upon with planning.

10. Clothing
Please ensure appropriate clothing is supplied for participants. Check with coaches of individual programs or contact us for requirements and further information.

11. Privacy
Be Fit Sports will keep all information provided confidential and will not provide details to any outside organisation unless with consent from parents/guardians. By enrolling in Be Fit Sports Programs, parents/guardians authorise Be Fit Sports to allow photos of course participants as required for marketing purposes. Please contact us if you do not allow the use of these photos.

12. Privacy – FACEBOOK page
We will use this tool for providing pictures and marketing for Be Fit Sports. We will not pass on your information to any outside parties nor engage in ‘Personal Friend Requests’ with individuals. Be Fit Sports coaches/employees are instructed not to be personal friends with students under any circumstances.

13. Health and Fitness
While Be Fit Sports will plan coaching sessions carefully to ensure camps cater for individual needs, it is the participants/parents responsibility to ensure that he/she is in reasonable fitness and health to be able to participate in Be Fit Sports Coaching Clinics.

14. Fees
Once enrolments have been accepted and paid for, no refunds will be provided once course commences. If a participant misses a lesson, no refunds will be provided unless for an extended period of sickness. If cancellation occurs before program commences, full refund will be provided minus $400 administration charge.

15. Fees – Injury / Make Up Lessons
If an injury or illness occurs during the duration of the enrolled program then they shall be entitled to ‘make up lessons’. This will be the equivalent time missed of the enrolled program in future programs. Any credits/make-up classes must be used within 12 months of payment for the program. Parents may be asked for verification / doctors certificates if requested

16.  Cancellations
If lessons are cancelled due to weather reasons or otherwise, participants to that lesson will not be entitled to a credit for that lesson. Where possible this lesson will be rescheduled however there can be no guarantee that this can occur. Cancellations occur automatically if Black Storm or Typhoon Number 8 signal posted on the day of the program. With School ECA programs, please also note school policy on programs as well. VIRUS / GOVERNMENT FACILITIES CLOSURES. – Credit  for future programs shall apply. If cancellation occurs before program commences, full refund will be provided minus $400 administration charge.

17. Course Amendments
Be Fit Sports reserves the right to cancel or amend advertised programs due to insufficient numbers or any other reason affecting the provision of a program. All efforts will be made to find suitable replacement/transfer as required.

18. Course Amendments – Venues
Be Fit Sports reserves the right to change venues where applicable. Be Fit Sports will endeavour to give reasonable notice will be given to participants

19. Participation
It is expected parents support their child to attend all the sessions and commit to the entire season.

20. In Course Waiting and use of equipment
Students should wait for their commencement of session with minimal interruption to the current program. Bouncing balls, climbing equipment etc should not occur.

21. In Course Interruption
Once coaching sessions commence, non-participating parents, children and spectators are to vacate the court area to ensure no interference or disruption to activities occurs.

22. In-Course Contact
If participants need to be contacted during coaching session, please advise the coach first

23. In-Course Supervision after programs finish times
Parents are expected to ensure students are dropped off and collected from Be fit Sports courses / activities. Coaches are not allowed to leave students unsupervised. If no parent / supervisor collects students within 15 minutes of the scheduled cessation of an activity then parents will be charged $150HK per 15 minutes of time for childcare fees

24. Parent Support
While we encourage and welcome support from parents, children and spectators, Be Fit Sports requests that any questions, advice or input occurs after the lesson finishes. Be Fit Sports will provide all participants feedback forms for Quality Assurance purposes. Please feel free to discuss with coaches.

25. Supervision
At the end of each coaching session, children should be collected promptly. While coaches will supervise children during coaching sessions, it is not the coach’s responsibility to ensure children are supervised after end of coaching sessions.

26. Self Image
Please do not force children to participate if they do not want to. Self-image is important for children and we encourage all children to feel comfortable attending coaching sessions. An example is if a child does not feel comfortable wearing a singlet, they are permitted to wear the singlet over a shirt to assist making themselves feel more comfortable.

27. Be Fit Singlet and Basketball
It is a requirement for all participants to bring their singlet and a basketball to each lesson. Please contact us if a new singlet is required.

28. Child Collection / Attendance for programs
Please ensure prompt and adequate drop off and collection of program attendees. Be Fit Sports will support arrangements where possible however it is parents / guardian responsibilities to ensure collection of attendees

29. School Extra / Co Curricular Programs
Please note individual school policies and procedures. Please contact us if need clarification on your particular school programs, however Be Fit Sports policies and procedures will still apply unless communicated otherwise.

30. Personal Information
Be Fit Sports will be required to retain personal information on students. These can include HKID / Passport copies. This is due to ensuring accurate ages for student’s age specific teams.

31. Personal Information – Email addresses
Once parents have given Be Fit Sports correspondence permission then we shall use these emails for future marketing purposes. Parents have the right to be removed from the database when requesting so by emailing this request to admin@befitsports.com

32. Personal Information – Student Photos / Facebook / Website / Other Promotions
Be Fit Sports shall use pictures of students during programs for marketing and promotion purposes. By enrolling in programs parents
automatically give consent for the use of these pictures. Parents may request Be Fit Sports to remove students photos by emailing this request to admin@befitsports.com

33. Asian International Community Basketball League (AICBL) Participation
Please note by playing and or entering a team or as a player the participant will adhere to and abide by BOTH the Be Fit Sports and AICBL rules. Copies of these will be made available on the websites (AICBL – www.aicbl.com.hk ) and / or via email request.

34. WhatsApp Group Messaging
When required BeFitSports will create Student / Parent Group Chats. There will be specific rules around this service and shall be provided to parents upon the creation of these groups

 35. Hygiene / Face mask usage – Enhanced Health and Safety Measures (Virus)
Students enrolled are encouraged to follow the facilities hygiene measures. Coaches of camps shall also be strongly urged to ensure safe practices are being observed. Along with this we strongly urge face mask usage going to and from the facilities. Students shall also be encouraged to use their own equipment (water bottles, sweat towels, uniforms and any other equipment. Parents shall be contacted prior to camps / activities these policies as well as completing relevant Health Declaration Forms for students 

36. Online Coaching – Child Protection Policy
BeFitSports will ensure we do not record or use photographic materials of students in any way. Students are not permitted to do the same. Primary students should be supervised to assist with these measures. 

37. Health and Safety of Facilities
BeFitSports follows Government or other organizational facilities Health and Safety Protocols regarding appropriate usage of their facilities. If Facilities are booked and / or arranged  by the client then it is the clients responsibility to ensure it is communicated with the coaching instructor this information

38. Online Coaching Session Bookings
All sessions must be booked directly with the BeFitSports admin team.

39.1. Club Team Fee Structures / Credit System
The Club Fee structure is to encourage League Team participation and entry hence training fees are discounted once students join the team. However If there was no league then the  training fee would revert to the usual hourly fee. Note each student enrolled in the team shall still receive a complimentary playing jersey set. Additional to per Policy 14 and 15 a CREDIT SYSTEM is in place for trainings missed due to unforeseen circumstances (Facilities unavailable or closed/ Weather affected outdoor courts)

39.2. Club Team Fee Structures / Credit System
Each student enrolled will have a tracking document for parents to assess program attendance . Club programs where there is an allowance for general missed days have been implemented (clash other programs, prior engagements, other unforeseen issues prevent student attending trainings  etc) credits MUST BE USED AT FUTURE PROGRAMS / HOLIDAY CAMPS (12 month expiration)

39.3. Club Team Fee Structures / Credit System
League Games – once paid if matches are missed there is no credit / make up.

39.4 Club Team Jerseys
Each jersey set purchased by parents (or as apart of a club program enrollment) must give their best assessment of their child’s size. Once ordered if the jersey  is incorrect size then BeFitSports ahall endeavor to have a back up / spare jersey.  If this is not available or sufficient then a New Jersey must be paid for. Once jerseys taken and used by the player then no returns or swaps will be accepted 

39.5 Club Team – Commitment of players
Coaches are expected to give all players on teams court time however priority must be given to those players that show ongoing commitment to trainings and participation. Parents are expected to support players on committing to the teams

39.6 Club Team – Free Extra Lessons
This is for students who enroll in a minimum of 5 training sessions per term. These lessons cannot be used with  credit system. If student cannot attend a free lesson there is no make up class or credit. Non regular term students may join the free training at the usual program hourly rate

40 Coach to Student Ratio and Class Sizes
12 students to 1 Coach. Only one court x2 baskets maximum maximum 20 students. One court x4-6 baskets maximum 25 students