Basketball Development Program
About Us

Be-Fit Sports believes that ‘Sport Imitates Life’.
We believe that the skills we can attain with sport helps with working our way with the challenges we face in life. Whether you just want to have fun with your sport, or build up your skills to the point where you can join elite competitions, we believe the fundamentals are still the same. We keep it simple but we also help you strive to achieve your goals whatever they may be – it is up to you! Just remember to also ‘enjoy the journey’ as you play your sports!

Parents, rest assured we cater for children with their development needs. Our coaches understand that children are precious and need plenty of support, encouragement and fun in their lives. Today, it seems that there has never been more pressure for our children to be involved with every sport and development opportunity that is out there. With our philosophy, we focus on providing a service that caters to the individual. Most of all though, if your child is not enjoying what they are doing, then chances are they will not be that eager to do it anyway! That is why we believe if the child is enjoying the activity, then the chances of them reaching their potential will be much greater. We provide the opportunity and quality program training, and then it is up to the child. As we said, we do like to keep things simple.

How do we achieve our goals?
We provide:

  • Professional and structured coaching.
  • Quality coaching services that is tailored to participant’s skill levels
  • A fun, fair spirited and inclusive environment.
  • Encouragement with session participants at all times promoting teamwork, fair play while building solid development and fundamental practices.
  • Tried and proven coaching methods through our many years of experience with high-level sport.

We are:

  • Skilled and Experienced with providing our quality Coaching practices
  • Passionate about and teaching the game of basketball!
  • Believe in our motto ‘Sports Imitates Life’ – The game of basketball is the ultimate character builder!!
  • Know what we are doing is important and makes a dierence in people’s lives and their life skills development!!
  • Character Development focused as we feel this is a vital component of our coaching· We strive for ‘well rounded individuals’ 
  • Reliable and consistent!!
  • Provide Substance over the hype!!

Founder / Head Consultant

Dean Chudleigh has been involved with sport, management and being a leading member of teams for much of his life. After playing many years of basketball and cricket at a high level in Australia, Dean founded and was passionate establishing BeFitSports to be a leader in coaching and developing people to attain their goals via sports. He is committed, passionate and looking forward to helping BeFitSports continue with these achievements in the future!

Accreditations – Australian Institute of Management Member (AIMM), 12 year player with national basketball competition Australian Basketball Association (ABA), 10 years Human Support Services and Business Management, Basketball Australia Level 2 Qualified Coach.

Our Team

Our team all have a love and passion for sports and take personal satisfaction in teaching these skills to others, especially children and young adults. We combine experience with enthusiasm to support course participants to achieve outcomes. All our instructors have accredited training certificates and are properly trained in conducting our programs. We are also diligent in reviewing programs and enjoy your feedback to ensure we are constantly looking to improve our programs.